We make jewellery from the words of iconic women in history. Our mission is to celebrate the writers, scientists, and political figures who often went unappreciated in their times. For example, Emily Dickinson published only ten poems during her lifetime, but nearly two thousand poems survive today. Our jewellery turns the wave and gives their words a shining spot in everyday life.
Ordbord jewellery are talismans for daily strength and inspiration. They brighten your day and inspire your thoughts. The understated jewellery design also rewards the close-looking eye. An abstract shape at a distance becomes a potent phrase up close. The necklace invites your friends to look closer, ask what your necklace says, and spark meaningful conversations of these trailblazing women.
The pieces are cast from recycled sterling silver in a fourth generation workshop in Finland. The company was founded by three friends – inspired by the stories of changemaking women – in Helsinki 2019.




The name Ordbord combines the Swedish words “ord” (a word) and “bord” (a table). It evokes the famous surfaces on which great poems, stories, scientific discoveries, and philosophical arguments were set down in ink. The desks of Dickinson, Canth, Austen, Woolf, and more were venues for craft and beauty, a practice Ordbord celebrates.





We craft our jewellery in Finland through local family owned businesses. The pieces are cast in a nearby fourth-generation workshop and hand-finished by the village goldsmith. This reduces any wasteful logistics like transport or long production chains. Our recycled-paper packaging avoids single-use plastics. The jewellery's timeless Nordic design promotes slow, lasting enjoyment of accessories.